The idea of an audio-visual library dates back to 1991, when on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Gramsci, the philosopher Valentino Gerratana spoke about a 'secular pilgrimage' to the place Gramsci lived as a boy: '... after a visit to Casa Gramsci, with the silent tenderness that it instigates in you, I thought that a secular pilgrimage can become a red thread to be sewn through all the streams of the International Gramsci Society. Let's say to each and everyone who comes here to pick up the hundred, thousand Ghilarze, to plant in the gardens of everyone's own cities and towns.'

The inauguration of the new headquarters of the audio-visual library 'Mille Ghilarze', in Gramsci Square, was held on April 24, 2010, to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the death of Antonio Gramsci. On that occasion, the association presented the video-essay 'A Thousand Ghilarze for Augusta' (Augusta Miscali, former president of the association) and the presented the book 'L'albero del riccio' in a new edition with translations in the Sardinian Logudorese language by Giovanni Antioco Mura and in the Sardinian Campidanese language by Amos Cardia and Pietro Perra .

The translators Antonello Garau and Gianni Fresu as well as members of Parliament Attilio Dedoni, Giulio Calvisi and Luciano Uras attended the inauguration.

The audio-visual library archive gathers together a total of 20 years of audiovisual work , such as 'Gramsci Friend' and 'Gramsci Now', and the production of a cycle of video essays. Also, today it accounts for more than 2,000 volumes on the history of the international, national and Sardinian labour movements, as well as publications on various topics such as fascism, literature, linguistics, art, contemporary history, and politics.

The Biblio-mediateca library 'Mille Ghilarze' opens Tuesday and Friday from 15:00 to 18:00

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